Resident Committees

Committees are the “backbone” of the Residents’ Association at Friendsview.

They allow residents to pursue their areas of talent and interest, provide opportunity for
service, and help raise funds for projects within the Friendsview community. These
committees are formed by the needs and interests of residents. When that need or
interest is no longer there, the Residents’ Council may dissolve the committee. In all
cases, committees come under the direction and control of the Residents’ Council.

Descriptions of the work of resident committees may be found by clicking the links below. Information that the committees wish to publicize may also be found here.
Art on the Walls CommitteeHealth Center Mending CommitteePuzzles Committee
Arts & Crafts CommitteeHess Creek Canyon CommitteeReading Group
Biography CommitteeLibrary CommitteeResale and Garage Sales Committee
Creation Care CommitteeLobby Decor CommitteeSewing Room Committee
Daily Devotions CommitteeManor Laundry CommitteeSound System Committee
Display Case CommitteeMarket Place CommitteeSpecial Events Committee
Education CommitteeMemorials CommitteeSpiritual Care Committee
Employee Appreciation CommitteeMenu Board CommitteeTechnology and Communications Committee
Employee Scholarship CommitteeMovie Night CommitteeTravel Club
Fitness CommitteeMusic CommitteeUshers Committee
Food Advisory CommitteePhotography CommitteeVespers Committee
Game Room CommitteePrayer Meeting CommitteeWorship Committee
Gardens Committee
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