Spiritual Care Team


Friendsview supports a Spiritual Care team that provide spiritual encouragement, prayer and emotional support to residents and staff. Potential team members are interviewed by the Resident Services Coordinator and the two team leaders. Once accepted, each member is expected to attend quarterly training sessions and monthly prayer/accountability meetings. Members meet individually with residents who request support, or when the Health Center Social Services Coordinator has indicated the need for a visit.

Usually two or three residents are assigned to each team member to visit on a regular basis to provide companionship, read and/or pray with or for the resident.

During End of Life Vigils,  team members who are comfortable providing such support are asked to take approximately a two-hour shift, which may be in the evening, in order to be with a resident during the end of life transition whenever the resident, their family or FRC Social Services has requested this service. Due to the sensitivity of the matters involved, confidentiality and compassion are required.

Staff liaison – Resident Services Coordinator

Click here for the Spiritual Care Team Policy.

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